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At our shop, the web analytics tool Webtrekk®, a web analytics service Webtrekk GmbH used. This tracking software uses cookies, which are stored on a user's computer and analyze the visit to the site as possible. The use information collected by cookies on using the website to create reports on the activities on the website and to perform other services related to website activity. Your IP address is rendered unrecognizable and is therefore anonymous. With this software it is for us as well as the operators of the analysis software is not possible to collect personal information and draw conclusions about the identity of the user. More information on privacy protection in Webtrekk can be found here: http://www.webtrekk.com/en/products/data-protection.html.

If you want to prevent that is created within the framework of analytics, an anonymous user, please take the following steps. You can prevent the cookies in question using a simple procedure in your browser. Use the Help section of your browser to follow the steps. To only Webtrekk block cookies you can enter your data:


We would like to point out that if cookies can not be placed, it is possible that some functions are not to be used on our website.